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Year: 1994
The B21 was the last component to be added to the Emotion series from ReVox. While this model still uses a 3-head configuration dual capstan mechanism, this time this assembly was not built by ReVox, instead it comes from ALPS-Japan. Also the Auto Align calibration only performs BIAS adjustment. A clean, uncolored and low-noise sound can be obtained by using two-layer Type II cassettes.
Technical Data:
Head: 3-Head
Motors: 2 motor Dual Capstan
AUTO ALIGN calibration computer
Dolby B-C, HX-Pro
Factory settings are made for:
TDK AR-X, BASF Chrome Super II, TDK MA-X
Frequency Response: 30-18.000Hz (Normal)
    30-20.000Hz (Chrome)
    30-20.000Hz (Metal)
Wow and Flutter: 0,1% (JIS, playback)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 440x127x367mm
Weight: 8,5kg
Original sale price: 2000 DM – Germany


Peso 14 kg